Friday, 30 December 2011


I have just reduced many of my items on both Folksy and Etsy to make way for new stock. These sale items will not be being re-listed so grab them whilst you can. Many items are half price. Facebook fans and blog followers you can get an extra 15% off any items in my Etsy shops by using this coupon code at the checkout..NEWYEAR15.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your New Year celebrations!

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Featured Seller

I have been lucky enough to become one of Folksy's featured sellers as well as take part in the' Meet the Makers' feature for Folksy's online magazine Frankly. So if you would like to know more about me or how I work please head on over for a read.

I would also just like to say a BIG thank you to all my lovely customers and to watch this space for some lovely new lines and designs for 2012. what I have planned is quite exciting and I cannot wait to share it with all of you.

So Merry Christmas everyone, be merry and enjoy this beautiful festive holiday what ever you may be doing.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Weaning baby Reuben

 So Reuben is four and half months old and gosh has it flown by! In away it makes me feel a little sad that its gone by so quickly, you really do have to cherish every single moment, but in other respects I'm proud of how far the both of us have come. He may only be four months old but he really is as bright as a button and quite ahead in his developments. Reuben also has an appetite like his Daddy and we have had to start weaning a little earlier than expected. It's fantastic, messy but fantastic. I thought I had a lot of washing before especially as I'm using 'real' nappies, well now there is A LOT more washing. I'm now seeing that teaching Reuben to blow raspberries the other week wasn't such a great idea..two words..Banana everywhere!
I know I'm slightly biased but I really do think he is the cutest baby I ever saw, I cannot describe to you just how much I love him! This photo was taken last week, and I am so so lucky to have a Mum who knits him the most beautiful clothes :)
 *SHOP NEWS* I have lots and lots of new items on my Realicoul folksy shop including these popular new necklaces.
So for now that is all, Reuben update and shop update. I'll  be back soon with photos of Reuben in his little Elf costume ;). Enjoy your Christmas shopping folks!

Monday, 28 November 2011

Free Worldwide Shipping!

Today is 'Cyber Monday' and for today, and today only I am offering free worldwide shipping on both my etsy shops Realicoul & SewRealicoul just enter 'CYBERMONDAY' into the coupon code box at the checkout for your free shipping!

Friday, 18 November 2011

The winner is..........

After putting my son to bed successfully on the 2nd attempt I have finally written and cut out all the entries. I have placed them all in a bowl and asked my dear boyfriend to pull the winner out...and the lucky winner is......


Well done Stephanie, If you would like to email me your postal address so I can send you your lovely new necklace!
Thank you all for entering and all your lovely comments :)

Sunday, 13 November 2011

New Necklace Giveaway!

It's giveaway time again! Up for grabs is this beautiful brand new button necklace.

This is a contemporary and lightweight design, perfect if your not keen on wearing heavy necklaces. The necklace is made with Brown coloured plastic coated memory wire, ensuring a clean and comfortable fit. The buttons are neatly fastened with high quality silver plated wire and always lie perfect. The necklace is 18" long / 6" drop from the clasp to the buttons.Screw clasp fastening.

Due to Facebook's new competition rules the giveaway will be done through this blog. To win one of my brand new button necklaces all you have to do is simply like my facebook page if you haven't already done so and leave a comment under this post telling me why you love Realicoul . I will then pull the winners name from a hat on Friday the 18th November. I will announce the winner on both this blog and my facebook fan page. Good Luck everyone!

Holidays are coming

The festive season is approaching at a rapid rate and I have just the little things you 'need' to get creative whether it be cards, gift tags or cakes. My SewRealicoul shops on Etsy and Folksy now stock supplies, and with a super low P&P cost of only 80p who can resist these little treats?

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

6 weeks old and Im sort of getting the hang of it

So Reuben is now six weeks old! The time really has flown by. I am finally no longer rattling with painkillers and meds and Reuben is sort of getting into a routine, so all seems really happy and well. He is a little munchkin and has just weighed in at 10lb7oz. He is still feeding every 2 hours so its hard for me to get any work done at the moment, but I did manage some button brooches once he went to bed last night :)

I will be updating my shops, blog and facebook as soon as I can grab a moment so please bear with me. x

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Baby Reuben finally arrived!

Baby Reuben finally arrived 13 days late on the 26/07/11 weighing in at a whopping 8lb 15oz! I have only just managed to grab a moment to upload some photographs as he is one hungry baby that is very demanding! Thank you to everyone who advised me on inducing labour and to all those who wished me luck. My birth plan went out the window but the main thing is he arrived healthy and safely x

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


As I am due my first baby tomorrow, I have a little shop notice.... I will not be closing any of my shops. Items will still be posted 1st class within 3 working days of receiving payment. But there may be a short delay in me responding to any messages/emails if I happen to go into labour around the time of you messaging me :)
Here is me a week ago, if I go much longer I may very well pop!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Dont like Lavender?

No problem...I have realised that not everyone loves Lavender as much as I do so I have been playing around with designs and have made these. They have been hand drawn on linen from vintage buttons, and backed in very pretty Liberty fabric. They are perfect for your wardrobes & cars. They make a pretty good smelly pin cushion too. I have just started to list them on my SewRealicoul Etsy and Folksy shops. I have chosen to make them in the most sweetest, gorgeous scents such as 'Cherry Amaretto', 'Cotton Candy', 'Clean Cotton' and 'Apple & Cinnamon'. The Apple & Cinnamon will also be introduced into some of my Christmas Decorations this year!

And no...I have not popped yet :(

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Still not popped!

I am now very almost 39 weeks! So much for coming quite early! I feel like I am going to pop if this babba gets much bigger! I thought I was in labour at the weekend after 8 hours of very regular contractions, but then they vanished! I love to plan and I'm finding it so weird that this amazing little baba is going to arrive soon and I have no idea when! What makes it worst is Jak constantly grinning and asking me when is it coming?! He is super excited :D 
Well I lost my bet, I guessed it was coming last Friday. I will of course make a post as soon as I can when our little bubba is here!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

37 Weeks Pregnant!

Ha ha not a very flattering photograph but funny all the same! I was in the moment of telling, not asking Jak to hurry up and take the photo! ( I was getting hot and were on our way out). So here it is my 37 week bump pic! I cannot believe I am going to have a baby any day now. The 'any' day bit it the most annoying for me. Everyone who knows me knows I like to plan. Even the simplest of tasks and I plan it. So me not knowing when this baby is going to make it's entrance into this world is quite daunting! We attended a 5 hour crash course antenatal class last week, and not one moment of it was about labour or pain relief. So I am relying on my good friends and books for all the tips and info I need. So if my internet attendance seems to go quite for a couple of days then you can guess what I'm up to.

I will not be closing my any of my shops, crazy I know but a girls got to live! There might be a little lull in listing though. As a first time mum I have no idea what to expect. Im hoping the baby will be nice and chilled out like it's daddy! Wishful thinking perhaps...

As you may notice in the photo, there is an empty shelf. This is due to the crazy amount of nesting I have been doing. I am a hoarder! Mainly paper and cardboard? So our house is becoming tidy-ish but i have yet to finish my babies patch work quilt. I think I better get a hurry on!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

New Vintage Button Badges

I have spent a fortune recently on the most beautiful vintage garden flower buttons. And as lovely as they look sat in a glass jar in my welsh dresser there not really making me any pennies! (Crafting is my full time job you know!) And so I have dared to part with a couple of them to feature on my lovely new badges/brooches. I have paired them up with this very special Liberty of London fabric. These really are my new favorite items at the moment. They look so summery and retro! Now what will I be doing with the rest of my pretty vintage garden flower buttons I hear you ask? Well I do have very special plans for these..but I'm afraid I will have to keep this little plan a secret for now. Once finished though, I will of course be sharing it on my blog :)

Thursday, 12 May 2011


 Well as mentioned in my last post the weather has become 'workable' up her in Lancashire. We have had nothing but wind and showers for almost a week. Not so fantastic to be out in, but I have worked guilt free inside where its nice and dry!
 I have been busy sewing pin cushions the last couple of days. I have just started to list a few on both Folksy & Etsy. These ones photographed here are my new Organic Lavender stuffed pin cushions, they smell divine :)
 I am in love with my new Red fabric, I have so many ideas for it!

 I have also started to stock some supplies! Mainly buttons for now. I have lots of cute zakka wooden buttons on both my Folksy and Etsy shops.
 How sweet are these little Westie dog buttons!?
I have some packs of these printed wooden buttons available too, the more I look at them the more they cry out to be made into a bracelet!

So Ta Taa for now, If the weather stays like this who knows what new projects I'll be able to finish! x

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


...and not much work! I don't know about where you are but it hasn't rained here in Rossendale, Lancs for about 3-4 weeks! Its amazing! All this sunshine make me want to be outside. Only problem is I work from home and there isn't a tremendous amount I can do comfortably outside especially as my lawn is on a hill! I make myself feel less guilty lazing in the sun by knowing I'm providing the baby with much needed vitamin D! Each day I sit and think..It'll rain soon ill catch up then, weeks later still no rain! So my apologies for the lack of blog posts but I have been busy soaking up vitamins! 

Today however I went for my first 'pregnancy' massage and when I got home I felt lovely, slightly greasy but most of all happy and motivated. So here I am sitting inside in the shade cracking on with the list as long as my arm. I only have 10 more weeks until our first baby arrives so I really should stay inside and crack on stocking up my work! 

Here are a few photos though taken over the sunshine period! I also have some *shop* news coming later this week!

 Reality kicking in as I start to hang 'tiny' things on the line. Another bonus to this glorious weather, getting all the washing done!
 The 'fat' feet curse of pregnancy has kicked in, I can no longer wear my converse and so treated myself to this lovely pair of red Toms. They SO comfy, I have been like a small child refusing to take them off! And not only are you treating yourself but for every pair sold 'Toms' give a pair to a child in need of shoes. Even better.
According to my dear boyfriend my face has changed..apparently not only is it looking wider! But more mature. Thanks Jak, I love you too x
*29 weeks*

Saturday, 2 April 2011

New Buttons and Bear

Just a quick post to share these gorgeous new button earrings that are now in stock! Listed on both my Folksy and Etsy shops.
and also a sneak peek at my new little lavender bear soon to be joining the shops...

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Button Brooches

 I have been making A LOT of button brooches this week! Playing with new colour combination's has been like a breath of fresh air! I have a lot of plans for new stock and the biggest list of things to make and do before the baby arrives in July. I will be listing some of these new brooches on folksy and etsy over the next couple of days. Don't forget i am always more than happy to make up a custom brooch for you!
 Heart Buttons?
 The one I am tempted to keep. I love these colours together so much I'm planning a painting for my bedroom in them!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Baby bump and cat

Just seeing how close I could get the camera to Ninjas face before he got pissed off and moved! Quite close was the outcome.
I'm not sure much longer Ninja will actually fit between the baby bump and the desk
Me and my 22 weeks pregnant baby bump. I'm getting rather large now. The baby has already started waking me up in the night kicking! Sleep deprivation is something I am going to struggle with. I will admit I am horrible to be around when I haven't had my sleep. Food I can go without all day but sleep...I'm like the walking dead, and the moody dead at that! I better start 'practicing' my cat naps.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Teeny Weeny

New teeny weeny button jewellery.
 Cute Ice Cream coloured hair slides
 Even cuter teeny polka dot button studs in many colourways!

Sunday, 27 February 2011

I'm having a BABY!

 I have been waiting soooo long to announce this! I finally had my 5 month scan last week and everything went really well. The baby is growing well ha ha and I don't think I'm in for a small baby! This is our first child and we are super excited. We are not finding out what we are having as i think i would prefer a good old fashioned surprise. So the first photo is from 13 weeks and the second was taken last week at exactly 20 weeks. I have only just recuperated my energy levels and will admit I have done pretty much no work in the first trimester. I'm slowly catching up as i have now hit panic mode-in 20 weeks i will have a baby in my arms and no energy to play with buttons. So my plan is to get as much work as possible done so all i have to do is list and post..ha ha we'll see how that one pans out eh?
I was amazed how clear our 20 week scan was. We even got a wave and a yawn which was just beautiful to see. I cant wait to meet him or her. The kicks are getting stronger and my belly is getting bigger by the day. Ill take some 'baby belly' photos soon. x

Saturday, 12 February 2011

New Design

 I made my first Cafetiere cover last December as a Christmas gift to my Grandma. It dawned on me that it would be ideal as she was previously wrapping and tucking a tea towel round her coffee! It looked awfull, and didn't work very well lol. So she was over the moon when she opened her present. I made her the linen and red gingham one above with mother of pearls buttons.

 This floral one is listed in my SewRealicoul folksy shop.
 Hope you like x x