Wednesday, 13 July 2011


As I am due my first baby tomorrow, I have a little shop notice.... I will not be closing any of my shops. Items will still be posted 1st class within 3 working days of receiving payment. But there may be a short delay in me responding to any messages/emails if I happen to go into labour around the time of you messaging me :)
Here is me a week ago, if I go much longer I may very well pop!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Dont like Lavender?

No problem...I have realised that not everyone loves Lavender as much as I do so I have been playing around with designs and have made these. They have been hand drawn on linen from vintage buttons, and backed in very pretty Liberty fabric. They are perfect for your wardrobes & cars. They make a pretty good smelly pin cushion too. I have just started to list them on my SewRealicoul Etsy and Folksy shops. I have chosen to make them in the most sweetest, gorgeous scents such as 'Cherry Amaretto', 'Cotton Candy', 'Clean Cotton' and 'Apple & Cinnamon'. The Apple & Cinnamon will also be introduced into some of my Christmas Decorations this year!

And no...I have not popped yet :(

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Still not popped!

I am now very almost 39 weeks! So much for coming quite early! I feel like I am going to pop if this babba gets much bigger! I thought I was in labour at the weekend after 8 hours of very regular contractions, but then they vanished! I love to plan and I'm finding it so weird that this amazing little baba is going to arrive soon and I have no idea when! What makes it worst is Jak constantly grinning and asking me when is it coming?! He is super excited :D 
Well I lost my bet, I guessed it was coming last Friday. I will of course make a post as soon as I can when our little bubba is here!