Thursday, 12 May 2011


 Well as mentioned in my last post the weather has become 'workable' up her in Lancashire. We have had nothing but wind and showers for almost a week. Not so fantastic to be out in, but I have worked guilt free inside where its nice and dry!
 I have been busy sewing pin cushions the last couple of days. I have just started to list a few on both Folksy & Etsy. These ones photographed here are my new Organic Lavender stuffed pin cushions, they smell divine :)
 I am in love with my new Red fabric, I have so many ideas for it!

 I have also started to stock some supplies! Mainly buttons for now. I have lots of cute zakka wooden buttons on both my Folksy and Etsy shops.
 How sweet are these little Westie dog buttons!?
I have some packs of these printed wooden buttons available too, the more I look at them the more they cry out to be made into a bracelet!

So Ta Taa for now, If the weather stays like this who knows what new projects I'll be able to finish! x

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