Saturday, 18 February 2012


I have been super busy working on my shops recently. I have finally finished re-taking all of my product photographs on a white background..which took 2 weeks might I add! All I can say is I am SO glad I have a new super fast computer otherwise it simply wouldn't of been possible. I have just finished sticking and decorating my little eco friendly gift boxes which are made from recycled paper. All Realicoul jewellery bought on Etsy and Folksy will now come in one of these cute little boxes. I have a few more shop 'jobs' to do and then I can start working on my lovely new lines. So keep your peepers peeled for the preview pics in a few weeks....eeeeee I'm excited!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

My gorgeous boy :)

 6 months old already! I cant believe how fast my blue eyed boy is growing!
 Reuben and his new best pal Ninja...the most loving and patient cat in the world!
Me & my little Reuben x

Monday, 23 January 2012

Modern Button Jewellery

I really do love these colours together, they 'go' with most your wardrobe, and really make a statement. These items are listed on my Etsy shop, Click the images and it will take you the listing.
 Large Button Ring
 Chunky Button Bracelet
 Chunky Longer Button Necklace
Funky Button Necklace

Saturday, 21 January 2012

New white photographs

So this week I took on the task of re-photographing ALL my items on Etsy and Folksy. I finally made the decision to go for the 'all white background', and I am so glad I did! Not only because I'd of wasted days of work but I honestly think they look much better. So now I just have do all my SewRealicoul photographs, but that's for next week :)

Here are some new pieces on the NEW white background
 Vintage button brooch

 Tiny Sweet heart button earrings

 Valentines Day button brooch

Button heart bracelet