Friday, 21 January 2011

I Heart Rings

I Heart Rings! I love em i do! 
I was looking through my ring box the other day and when I came to struggle to close the lid I realised, gee I have one hell of a lot of rings! A lot of them are from Octopus where I used to work and quite a few are ones i have made which seem to sneak into my box on a regular basis lol. So i thought I'd share my rings with the world, just my costume ones. I'll save my silver collection for another day!

Monday, 3 January 2011


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Happy New Year! 

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Apologies and Sadness

First of my apologies for the lack of posts on both my blog and facebook fan page, but December has been some what of a difficult month for me as my Great Grandma was taken ill in the 2nd week of December and sadly died on the 21st December at the grand old age of 97, she would have been 98 this February. I have been supporting my grandma whom I am extremely close to throughout this time and I haven't been on the net for a couple of weeks now. My Nana was a lovely lady most would say with a rum sense of humour and I will miss her dearly. The funeral was last wed and i managed to read a poem out, I can honestly say it was the hardest thing i have ever had to do.

My birthday was on the 14th December and under the circumstances I had a lovely day, I received many lovely presents and cards from friends and family, I was well and truly spoilt. I did manage to get my christmas tree up the night before my bithday which is a family tradition and so i have included a few photos. Lol i like my tree but my little sister insists its too bare. But after you have just spent £25 on a real tree I'd quite like to see it!

So much of December has been a blur for me, I feel i have been here but not quite my head is still a little mashed. I will be having a sale on my shops so please bare with me as i have a lot of work to be catching up on. I havent done my books for a month! No doubt this will give me a headache!

So here's to good health, good fortune and a long prosperous life Happy New Year x

 My Nana Starting me early on the drink!
 My some might say bare tree
 Our boiler went on xmas eve and the pipes from xmas day morning, it took Jak quite a while to defrost them with the hairdryer! He was hung over too! Serves him right i say lol
 A beautiful card hand stitched by my Mum
The view from our living room, we have a nice view up on our hill, but its pretty hard work getting up and down in the snow!