Saturday, 12 March 2011

Baby bump and cat

Just seeing how close I could get the camera to Ninjas face before he got pissed off and moved! Quite close was the outcome.
I'm not sure much longer Ninja will actually fit between the baby bump and the desk
Me and my 22 weeks pregnant baby bump. I'm getting rather large now. The baby has already started waking me up in the night kicking! Sleep deprivation is something I am going to struggle with. I will admit I am horrible to be around when I haven't had my sleep. Food I can go without all day but sleep...I'm like the walking dead, and the moody dead at that! I better start 'practicing' my cat naps.


  1. He looks like he determined to squeeze through
    and ready to attack if you get any closer LOL
    Glad all going well past halfway now!!

  2. He is a nutter, total softy though! Since being pregnant he follows me everywhere, cute but a little annoying at times :P