Friday, 2 December 2011

Weaning baby Reuben

 So Reuben is four and half months old and gosh has it flown by! In away it makes me feel a little sad that its gone by so quickly, you really do have to cherish every single moment, but in other respects I'm proud of how far the both of us have come. He may only be four months old but he really is as bright as a button and quite ahead in his developments. Reuben also has an appetite like his Daddy and we have had to start weaning a little earlier than expected. It's fantastic, messy but fantastic. I thought I had a lot of washing before especially as I'm using 'real' nappies, well now there is A LOT more washing. I'm now seeing that teaching Reuben to blow raspberries the other week wasn't such a great idea..two words..Banana everywhere!
I know I'm slightly biased but I really do think he is the cutest baby I ever saw, I cannot describe to you just how much I love him! This photo was taken last week, and I am so so lucky to have a Mum who knits him the most beautiful clothes :)
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So for now that is all, Reuben update and shop update. I'll  be back soon with photos of Reuben in his little Elf costume ;). Enjoy your Christmas shopping folks!


  1. He is pretty darn cute!!! Although not the cutest because that would be my boy ;-) Looking forward to the little elf x

  2. Ha Ha well i disagree ;) I think the elf suit will be on him by the weekend, I am hoping to put my tree up by then! x