Thursday, 28 March 2013

Quick before the postage goes up!

So it seems its that wonderful time of year not the over indulgent Easter holidays..guess again...Its the end of the tax year and the start of the new one! Which means the annual Royal Mail price hike is due to take place. Only this year its not only astronomical its well, rather confusing. So prices are up, insurance is down, and the size restrictions have changed. Again. I have been doing a little customer research and it seems you would rather pay that little bit more and have your items still sent 1st class rather than pay less and have it sent 2nd class. Good news is I will be continuing with my flat postage rate no matter how many items you buy, bad news is it's having to increase from £2.80 to £3.10 if your in the UK. I have kept it as low as I possibly can.

But fear not my little Easter chickens, you still have until 10am this Saturday to pay the 'old' lower P&P of £2.80. I will be doing the post office dash shortly after. After this time all items will be sent next week with the higher P&P charges.

You can shop online here and here.

Have a lovely Easter weekend folks, see you in the new tax year!

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