Thursday, 7 March 2013

Its been a while..ahem

So its been a stupidly long time since I last blogged, but all for good reasons. So here is the last 12 months broken down...

We bought our 1st house last summer and its been a bit of a project to say the least. Moving to a building site with a 1 year old and a business to run was rather stressful! The cottage was built in 1873 and I don't think it had been decorated since 1989! Things are catching up, the house is 'getting' there now.
This is me knocking off the old damp plaster in the Kitchen/Dining room

Our son Reuben is now 20 months old and certainly keeps me on my toes, he is a little monkey. And a very adorable one at that. He is very good at popping my 'dropped' buttons back in the correct coloured jars and I think he would play out all day if I let him.

Reuben January 2013 in the snowy garden

Sadly my beautiful cat and best pal Ninja passed away in September 2012. I still miss him a great deal.
We do now have a beautiful dog though, named Nushka who is German Shepherd x Husky. She is a big softy, so glad we could give her a new home.

Our gorgeous Nushka, who also happens to love playing in the snowy garden!

Then in December 2012 we went travelling to New Zealand for three and half weeks to visit Jaks parents. It was a fantastic trip. Reuben didn't sleep on the flights but the sleep deprivation was totally worth it. What a wonderful country. It was so nice to escape our winter and hit the beach too! A wonderful memorable way to spend Christmas.
Little beach bum

Even more exciting was that Jak asked me to marry him, under the stars at Marlborough Sounds. Obviously I said YES!

This was our balcony where Jak proposed. Marlborough Sounds was just SO beautiful, we will most certainly go back one day.

This is my ring, a raw, natural diamond handmade ring. I couldn't of asked for anything more special. x

Me and my boy, still a little jet lagged here. Also my hair is now poppy red!

We got back from New Zealand mid January  and since then its been a crazy rush to get the house suitable for what was my Grandmas surprise 70th last week. We did it, just about. The party was a success and were taking a little break from working on the house for a few months.

So that's what I have been up to for the last 12 months. I have lots of big plans for Realicoul this year. I have already re-branded for starters. I have a new wholesale catalogue and I will be moving on to new ideas that utilise my design and drawing skills. I have lots of new colours available in the button jewellery for 2013, and I do hope you like them. I am going to aim to post every week from now on. My next post will be all about Realicoul work, new packaging, new lines, new everything! So ill see you in a week :)


  1. Well you have been busy, so I think you can be excused for not blogging. I am new to reading blogs, so I will follow you carefully as a fellow Folksian.H

  2. Thanks for sharing such a lovely post.