Wednesday, 13 March 2013

As Promised!

As promised I am keeping up with my blog posts, actually I think I am a whole day early!

This week I am showing off my new packaging. I felt that the old designs were rather dated, and not really the professional look that I want. I think Realicoul now has a steady direction in which its heading and I wanted to create a much cleaner, fresher product package that does not take any attention from the finished pieces. So here it is, I've had some wonderful feedback on folksy and I am super pleased with the completed look.

I have a new paper cutter, and lets face it I was dying to put it to a good use! 

I love my new scalloped edge :)

I decided to stick to my pink and green colour scheme, but toned it down a little. 

Yay! The new Realicoul logo. I drew it by hand and coloured it digitally. You will be seeing al lot more hand drawn stuff from me this year.

Colour love.

Me & my beautiful boy x
(Taken two days ago, on our way out to the post office)

See you next week ;P

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