Saturday, 11 May 2013

Finally some rain!

I don't usually look forward to rain, but my goodness do we need it at the moment. My garden has been so dusty, and the poor goats next door have hardly any grass to munch! I was very thankful of the lovely bank holiday weather we had though. We started our bank holiday weekend with wonderful family guests Martin, Lill & Sheila. Our first overnighters at our new house! We had a 'jolly' good time, maybe a little bit too much to drink though! Jak and I were quite hungover on the Sunday, and trust me a hangover with a toddler just isn't fun! Then on Monday we had the family over for a BBQ in the afternoon. Fab weekend i say! 

What else have we been up to in this sunny weather?

Reuben wears his sunglasses all day, even at breakfast! he loves them, he's such a little dude! 

We adopted a new rabbit named Peppa. He is teeny, he's a miniature Rex and is fully grown. Super friendly and super duper cute. Reuben loves him so much he tries to kiss him.

We have been spending most our time outside, we built this little den for Reuben. It keeps him entertained whilst I pot up the plants and sow the veg. ( Update on veges soon...still waiting for most of it to germinate!)

Just generally enjoying the great outdoors really, this last photo was taken at Brockholes nature reserve. 

Lets hope its only a couple of days of rain and then hopefully the sunshine will be back to brighten our days!

I finished this lovely lot last night and it has now available to purchase at the fabulous Gift shop 'Strawberry Blue' in Rawtenstall. Check out their facebook page, they have some really beautiful things x

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