Thursday, 18 April 2013

Our House Renovation: Kitchen

As promised I am keeping a photo diary of the work we are doing on our house. We got it last July and its been non stop since. There was and still is tons to be done. This week I am showing you our kitchen/dining room. Its a large room at just over 15ft square and it overlooks the garden and the goat field. Its been the biggest job so far, and it is almost complete. Just a few odd jobs to finish really.

So this was our Kitchen/Dining room the day we got the keys to our 1st house last summer. (That's my mum smashing tiles)

Under the carpet we found lino, lino, and yes more lino....but then we found the original floor boards! Cleaning them up was the worst job so far in the house. They were covered in old sticky glue complete with animal hair..yes I know disgusting. But we knew they would be beautiful once finished.

TA DAAA! So this is our kitchen 9 months later. All we need to do really is tile, but I cannot make a decision of what tiles to choose. So for now its had a lick of paint until I make up my mind! We kept the rusty washing machine as it works perfectly, we just gave it a good sand a couple of coats of metal paint. We also kept the integrated doors, drawers and glass cabinet. Again its amazing what you can you achieve with paint! Jak and Tucker did a brilliant job of fitting our wooden tops and reclaimed belfast sink.

This is a window we had no idea was there, it was previously boarded up and covered in wall paper! It wasn't until Jak drilled it that we realised it wasn't solid! I love it, it lets light into the hall and I can see who's coming in from the garden whilst I'm washing the pots!

We bought some lovely reclaimed floorboards and to make a new window sill. And I made this blind from some Orla Kiely fabric I won on Ebay.

Well worth the makeover job, sanding, painting, more sanding, more painting, paper sticking and new handles! Bobs your uncle a funky new cupboard!

Yes, I do love Orla Kiely and retro pottery!

We replaced the awful gas fire with this lovely iron one. The tiles are patterned with flowers and butterfly's.

Ah well we still haven't taken down the pom poms from my grandmas 70th birthday bash. I love them to much ha ha.

 The pink chalkboard door leads down to our rather large cellar dwelling that I am hoping one day we can set up a 'messy studio' down there. I want to start my painting again and hopefully some ceramics and screen printing. The other door will soon be a magnetic door, this one opens up to a super useful cupboard.

Who needs loads of kitchen cupboards cluttering up your walls when you can have ALL your food in one place. Its an old school cupboard and I think its fabulous!

 Not quite the kitchen but this is our hall, outside our kitchen door. We have kept the lovely retro glass doors. the door at the bottom of the stairs actually slides along. Its so handy as Reuben hasn't mastered it yet and it keeps the heat from escaping up!


  1. Oh well done! Can't imagine why anyone would cover up a window, and I'm very jealous of your revamped school cupboard. We've gone back to renting after 30 years of house owning and it's killing me not being allowed to remodel (mind you, I've got more time for knitting)

  2. Thanks Heather, we couldn't work out why the window was covered up either! Oh no, I know how you must feel, we rented for 8 years and this is our 1st bought home. Its quite exciting, I love the creative freedom we have. Ha ha at putting a nail in the wall at our last house was like a big decision! But then I am envious of the spare time you must have. I dream of the day we sit down and there isn't a DIY job to do!

  3. It really looks great, I love Orla Kiely too! The bright pink chalkboard paint is the BEST - I LOVE IT =) Good job on the kitchen!!!

  4. Looks great Claire. I remember when we bought our old house, and re did everything in it. it will be exciting once you have your life back. i forget how stressful it all was, and it made me and J closer, working as a team. good job you guys it looks great! i cant wait to see it in person one day! xox

    1. Lovely, love all the reclaimed items and especially like the once hidden window!