Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Bye Bye Blonde

So i finally plucked up the courage to stop bleaching my hair after 5 years! So here is a before and now picture. I keep forgetting and almost having a heart attack each time i go to the bathroom :/ Im sure my hair and scalp will be mucho grateful to have a rest from the bleach! And most importantly it didn't go green or orange woohoo!


  1. I think you look very different in each picture but very pretty with the darker colour.
    Nice blog I just found it ...does this count as 1 entry ?

  2. Thank you to you both :)

    Boxoftrix- As you have commented on the competition post and you are also following me you get 2 entries. head over to my facebook page and fan me for another entry or if you make a sale in any of my online shops you get another 2 extra entries :)