Monday, 7 June 2010

Vitamin D

This was our first evening in Stalis, Crete. Cloudy but warm. We had a very nice view of the mountains from our balcony. As the clouds generally move off onto to the mountains we caught some really beautiful skies and hopefully i will get round to do some paintings of them.

Panarama shot of the view from our balcony, as you can see the clouds were breathtaking!

Jak and I hired a moped for most of the holiday. Best way to travel around the resorts. We even managed to get this 50cc up the mountain to visit the small traditional village of Mochos. We did have to stop a few times as the engine was struggling with the 32.c, very steep road and two heavy bums on the back!

the one day it drizzled we road to Crete Aquarium. I have never been to an Aquarium before and it was absolutely amazing. I have taken quite a lot of good macro shots that no doubt will inspire some future artwork.


Common Octopus

Sea Anemone

This Photo turned out really well, Jellyfish are so difficult to capture and this little fella reminds me of a pacman ghost! "Ooo"

Anasara beach. Bit sea weedy but our favorite beach, best snorkeling i have ever had. Hundreds of fish and there was even a few new species i have never spotted in Greece before.

Our 'break' on the mountain

This is the house i wish to purchase one day :) The houses are just so beautiful, if you ever visit Greece make sure you visit a traditional Greek village.

Yummy Lamumba. Also this is my last photographic evidence of my white cardigan, did i have to many lamumba's and leave it somewhere? Who knows! RIP soft white cardi.

One of the many many sky photos.

Goodbye Greece until next time. I am now rested, fully refreshed and full of much needed Vitamin D.

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  1. Lucky you, Claire. I'm so jealous. I miss Greece, love Crete, and am desperate to go back. Great photos!

    Amanda (Chicita)