Friday, 19 February 2010

This months reading list..

Mooching through all the Greek holidays to find somewhere cheap, not so hilly due to my injury, close to the beach, mopeds to rent, etc etc..there are so many places! Corfu is looking like a possible;e option. I have worked in Zante and Crete before so i would really like to try somewhere i haven't been. If all fails going back to Stalis, Crete is the back up plan. Lovely beaches, quiet resort, cheap mopeds, and i know the roads and how to get to the BEST places :)
Loving this new baking book my friend kayleigh kindly gave me for Christmas. I made the carrot cake most recently which was delicious! I may make some red velvet cupcakes later :)
and finally my monthly house magazine. I borrow the country home and alike from my grandma. But this one is all about the designers and key pieces. Very well written and my favorite!

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