Saturday, 1 August 2009

EEEK Its been too long again! I really have been super duper mad busy this last week! Both with the strawberry blue stock and the folksy orders this week! I did manage to squeeze in a haircut though which i love! I'm just having a small blog update today as im off to laquer lots and lots of hairslides and earrings. I have a list of things to do longer than my arm and im both excited that things are going so well but also a little stressed out..but thats whats good. I thrive under pressure this is how i did so well In my A-levels and not so well in my first year of Uni where i got left to my own divises. I obvioulsy learnt my lesson from this and have now found quite a happy medium! Ill be back this week with more photos of the wooden shape decorations im working on. Ps if anyone is interested Lidl are selling solderings guns for only £4.99! AMAZING!


  1. Uh - preeeettttyyy lady! x you makw me wish i made more stuff with the buttons! They look awesome, really x